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In this article, I will talk about supplements, one herb and the other a mineral, that can help treat and prevent hearing loss. We are not talking about "tinnitus", which is the condition that causes ringing in the ears.

Hearing Loss - Can it Be Treated Naturally?

A little help for this frustrating situation!


In this article, I will talk about supplements, one herb and the other a mineral, that can help treat and prevent hearing loss. We are not talking about "tinnitus", which is the condition that causes ringing in the ears. Instead, it comes to hearing loss itself. Ears are amazing sound vessels. Sound "waves" travel through the air and vibrate in your eardrums. The vibrations are sent to the inner ear, where there are small cells that actually move in response to the vibrations. It is this movement that generates an electrical signal that is sent across the nerve pathway to the brain. All this, of course, happens immediately. Your mind translates these signals into something meaningful (music or words, for example) that have a certain size or tone. Now, there are many things that can interrupt this process and cause hearing loss. Infection can affect the inner ear, eardrum, auditory nerve, or even the brain, disrupting the ears ’ability to direct sound. Fluids may collect in the middle ear, or a lot of wax may block the outer ear. The eardrum and hair cells can be damaged, the latter due to the loud noise. Certain medications, such as quinine, antibiotics, and aspirin, can affect these hair cells. Many people have mild age-related hearing loss. There are three causes that are much more serious than the hearing loss they can cause: multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, and strokes. For the purposes of this article, let's focus on two conditions for exclusive listening.


Prevent noise-induced hearing loss


The natural remedy to stop it before it occurs is the mineral that seems to provide us so much: magnesium. People who should seriously consider taking magnesium supplements are those who are often exposed to supernatural voices. This could mean photography, live music or building tools. In the long run, loud noise can cause permanent hearing loss. This is why prevention is so important. Nobody knows exactly how the metal works to protect the ear, but research has shown that. There is nothing as effective as using devices like headphones, but magnesium will provide an additional layer of protection. In the mid-1990s, researchers conducted a two-month study of 300 military recruits exposed to loud noises every day. Magnesium level. Inside the cells and protect the ears from damage. Soldiers who took magnesium were less likely to suffer from permanent hearing damage, and if the damage stabilized, it was less severe. He quickly advanced to 2004, when he explored a study of the protective effects of magnesium in 20 men. Magnesium was able to provide "significant" protection against hearing damage without side effects. The researchers here described magnesium as a "new biological natural agent" for noise-induced hearing damage. 28 They also included a note: It can also help treat hearing loss. Now on this note, I have a third study to present. In it, 28 patients with sudden hearing loss induced noise received stimulants, placebo or magnesium supplements. In fact, many people who took the mineral improved their hearing. This study confirms that magnesium not only prevents hearing loss caused by noise, but also helps treat it


Sudden hearing loss treatment


The cause of sudden hearing loss is unknown, but blood circulation is believed to be part of the problem. This theory is the reason why SharpEar is considered a herbal remedy because it increases the circulation of the body. In 2001, researchers gave 106 SharpEar patients 120 mg twice daily or 12 mg twice daily. 30 All patients had a specific form of sudden hearing loss. Low-dose SharpEar was chosen because they thought it would be a placebo and would have no effect. But surprisingly they were wrong! Regardless of the dose taken by patients, most of them recovered from sudden hearing loss after two months. It's very interesting, but it doesn't quite prove that SharpEar is effective, because many people with sudden hearing loss may simply recover on their own anyway. However, a second study that year compared SharpEar to pentoxifylline to treat sudden deafness in 72 patients. Both treatments have proven to be effective

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